Welcome to Mongolian Youth Development Services Center (MYDSC) website.

Who we are:

We are team of highly motivated social workers who are dedicated to provide developmental opportunities for Mongolian youth.

What we do:

We implement school based after school programs at 8 schools in the ger communities of Ulaanbaatar. Also we provide support for youth who are running youth initiated and community based "E-Smile" Internet and Training Center. We also provide opportunities for community groups and the youth in the countryside to implement community projects towards sustainable development.

Whom we help:

Most of the beneficiaries of the programs of MYDSC are youth aged 12 to 18 years. These youth are members of youth clubs that are formed at the schools and in the communities. In addition, all members of Zaamar and Bayangol soum communities are the beneficiaries of the program that targets to empower mining communities.

How we do it:

We establish youth clubs at the schools and communities so that youth can become a member of the club, and can take part in the program in a duration of 4 years. This program is called "Youth development program" and the program curriculum is provided by Wyman, a non-profit youth development organization in the States. Another program is called "Youth social entrepreneurship" and it provides opportunities to youth having practical experience by getting involved in the youth run business initiatives such as Internet and Training Center and Youth Photo Studio. The other program is called "integrated Community Development Program" and it is being implemented in cooperation with IMRI program of GIZ in Mongolia. We provide support for mining communities to implement community projects that sustain development which is beneficial to the entire communities. 

What is the impact:

Youth involved in the "Youth development program" gain personal, social and leadership skills and become engaged and productive adults. 

Youth involved in the "Youth social entrepreneurship" program learn entrepreneurial skills and gain practical aspects of doing socially oriented businesses. Furthermore, they learn leadership and organisational by conducting peer-training and workshop, and community outreach.

"Integrated Community Development Program" assists mining communities in the countryside to identify their development needs and provide technical support to implement their community based projects. Community groups are formed with the support of our local staff and they use their own resources and seek for additional funding support to realize their projects.

What is the cost:

There are about 25 clubs at the current "Youth development program". One club with 25 youth members cost US 4,000 $, which means the cost of one youth for one school year is US 160 $. 

"Youth social entrepreneurship" program entails two initiatives i.e. Internet and Training Center, Youth Photo Studio. Internet and Training Center program costs about US 20,000 $ annually and the Youth Photo Studio project costed US 15,000 $ last year.

Who supports our program:

- World Vision International Mongolia

- IMRI Program of GIZ in Mongolia

- US Embassy in Mongolia

- Zonta Club

- Open Society Foundation


Mongolian Youth Development Services Center